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Monday, 29 December 2014


  • Dear Nigerian Police,
  • Let me start by asking you if you even know the reason why you are policemen, what is your job and duty as a police officer? Can u read what I am writing or is someone helping you read it ? The only thing U are being taught is how to intimidate and oppress people you are meant to be protecting. Have you not noticed that your children and family members are never successful? Is there any celebrity or billionaire whose parent is a Nigerian police? I don't think so

  • I never knew Saturday banking was a crime until October 2014, I went to use the Atm at First bank Dugbe, Ibadan. I did not even enter the banking hall and when I came out, 5 hefty men came out pointing guns at me and whisked me into their black golf to Iyaganku Police station, Ibadan. I tried to fight back but I remembered stories of police brutality and I knew they will tag me as an armed robber if I get killed so I decided to play along. They did not allow me make any phone call, they didn't find anything evidence on me and they still delayed me for over 6 hours, I had not eaten and they made sure I was detained. What was my offence? They asked me what I was doing at the bank on a Saturday and they were sure I went to use Western Union Money transfer and they made me write a statement that I was a yahoo boy. I had to give them half of the money I withdrew (60k) which I wanted to use to buy my speakers . They saw my handle @Baddestdjtimmy and they were asking why I had twitter application on my phone. They said twitter app is now being used to hack bank accounts and I opened my mouth dumb founded. Are these people serious? 

  • Nigerian police are so greedy and they act like they don't get paid. Even if their salary gets increased to 100k per week, they cannot do without the daily bribe . They only have secondary school certificate that's why they do not understand English so If u dare speak good English to them, they get intimidated and they immediately tell u that u are proud. What reasonable Government will employ illiterates as policemen and put a gun in their hand? You see policemen walking the streets in plain clothes and holding an Ak 47 rifle, how do we differentiate them from armed robbers? Mr Shabi Aderobo was robbed at gunpoint sometime in August 2014 by some men in plain clothes and he was shot and had his properties stolen. A week later some plain cloth policemen approached his car in commando style and out of fear he sped off thinking they were thieves. Right in my presence, they chased him, beat him to stupor for running and they didn't want to understand he confused them for Armed robbers. How was the poor man to know they were "real" policemen?

  • A man parading himself as a police informant - Alhaji (Razak Olatunji)  who is a failed nollywood actor and well known homosexual has been going around with policemen and EFCC officials to raid people's houses . The stories of Internet fraudsters that we read on Blogs and newspapers  are the ones of  those who refuse to sleep with Alhaji and surrender their property. Alhaji has seized and sold well over 400 exotic cars (Range rover, Cross tour, G wagon)  belonging to "suspected Internet fraudsters". He has even used the money he seized to  build a mighty hotel in the city of Abeokuta and has been arrested over 3 times only for him to be released because the top police officers are either his gay partners or those on his payroll. For how long are we going to be living in constant fear in our own country? We can't even take our phones out, walk on the street anymore or use the bank because "undercover detectives" are going around in black golf cars and lurking around. They are not focusing on prosecuting Corrupt public officials who make billions daily, oil bunkers or even training for counter terrorism to prepare for boko haram or Isis.

  • Now I am not trying to support those who do Internet crime but in case u do not know, research just showed that internet crime is the reason why there is a 90% reduction in crime in Nigeria. They are the reason why there are not many bank robberies, kidnappings and so on. I am not justifying those who engage in this act but statistics have proven that Internet crime in Nigeria made armed robberies, kidnappings and rape reduce drastically. From the research made, we found out that an average yahoo boy is  satisfied with making N15,000 in a month with the hope of him hitting jackpot in the near future. Just that action will make him stay out of trouble,  Believe it or Not. The so called yahoo boys have built houses, started businesses, employing graduates and are investing in this country. The government have refused to provide jobs,  investment opportunities and that is why our girls engage in Prostitution to keep body and soul alive . How will a girl wake up in the morning with no work to do when she knows she has a body to sell? 80% of girls will stop prostitution if they can just have their daily bread and according to them "we do not really like sex, we just want to eat and buy good clothes". 

  • When will the Nigerian government start employing fresh graduates as policemen? All these present ones should be sacked because they are a set of Never do wells. Our police don't even use their walkie talkie, they still use mobile phones to connect one another. When u go to their office, they are watching African magic Yoruba all day. They still don't know there should be a computer database for past criminals, Laboratories for forensic test and  Finger prints analysis. My only prayer for the Nigerian Police is that for every Naira that u take from us, may it turn to cancer, diabetes and disaster for you and your family. The more money you collect with force from us, the more it will be converted to Tuberculosis, leprosy and disappointment for you and your children.  It won't be well with you here and in hellfire. If you have been a victim or know someone who has been, repost this story, show someone and let's make it get to the proper authorities (that is if they will do anything) A piece of  mind from Dj Timmy.

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