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Sunday, 28 June 2015

MUSIC: Masterkraft - ‘Because Of You’


“In appreciation to God, The Fans, Artist in all levels , Bloggers and Social media Promoters, Dj’s and Oap’s and everybody who Contributed to making me who i am God bless  you all … MaStErkrAfT_ #because of you …Enjoy the music and it’s feaTures one of the finset Guitarist in the country , Fiokee!!!!! Thanks y’all From MaStErKrAfT.”

MUSIC: Olumix – GbaGbe’Oshi | Asake ft. Seriki ---> Follow @Djinstinct @iamolumix @serikiomoowo

                            Olumix - GbaGbe'Oshi | Asake ft. Seriki

OluMix the Jah-Elo crooner finally unleashes his two new singles “GBAGBE’OSHI &ASAKE ft SERIKI“.
He drops the songs to mark his Birthday and also unleashed his own New Team “EMG”.
Both songs are produced and Mixed by “Olumix” himself under E-Made Music Group(EMG).

Open Letter to Senator Bukola Saraki and Nigerians --->Follow @Djinstinct


Humble Senator Bukola Saraki, you became a law unto yourself and a sole political platform which incidentally is not known or recognized in our constitution.
In view of these your recent actions, one cannot but ask "who exactly do you think you are sir?" Are you greater than the collective will of people? Why must you throw the nation into turmoil simply because you want your way? Did Nigerians vote for you to dominate the political space or dictate our priorities for us? Was your name on ANY ballot paper in the last elections? Save for your senatorial constituency, did you traverse the 36 states and Abuja canvassing for our votes?
Just in case you have conveniently forgotten, Nigerians voted in their majority for the APC, a political party that sold its CHANGE vision to us. We rejected the PDP with its TRANSFORMATION agenda that was leading us nowhere fast. For you to reintegrate the PDP into our CHANGE government just because of your singular ambition is to exalt yourself above and beyond all of our collective wills...that is unacceptable sir!
It has been rumored that all this disrespect is about posturing for 2019. I sure hope not! How do you expect us to entrust our collective destinies to a man who cannot be accountable to Authourity? If you are too haughty to submit to your party, the platform upon which you were elected into the Senate, who will you be accountable to if you ever become President? The adage says "morning shows the day".
Mr Senate President (by hostile takeover) it is no longer amusing neither is it entertaining anymore. It is now getting really annoying and downright irritating. All the carrying ons need to stop forthwith as you are fast losing the goodwill bump. you had when Nigerians thought you were a victim of an imposition cabal. It is now clear to all that you are most probably the aggressor and not the victim. Sole dictatorship is no longer in vogue as a political ideology. It's good to be ambitious but also be conscious of your Ability and Environ, Even the bible says "two heads are better than one". No matter how erroneous.