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Monday, 8 June 2015

Neighbors CALL POLICE When Too Many BLACK TEENS Show Up To A POOL PARTY In Texas #BlackLivesMatter# Via @Djinstinct Blog


: Yesterday was nearly ANOTHER CASE of Trayvon Martin . . . after a very CROOKED OFFICER pulled his gun and threatened to MURDER Black teens coming to the aid of a young girl being BRUTALIZED by the officer.
It all started in McKinney Texas - where a resident invited a few of his AFRICAN AMERICAN FRIENDS to a pool party at his home. His neighbors called POLICE when they saw a large number of African American teens - acting like TYPICAL TEENAGERS - in their normally ALL-WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD.
The police arrived and immediately started HARASSING the teens - FORCING THEM TO THE GROUND and threatening arrest. When one young lady tried to SPEAK UP FOR HER RIGHTS, she was BRUTALIZED by the officer. A few BRAVE young man tried to step in to help her, and the officer PULLED HIS GUN on the boys - and threatened to MURDER THEM.
This is a DISGUSTING case of racial profiling and police OVERREACTION. It could VERY EASILY have turned into a case where MULTIPLE INNOCENT TEENS were killed . . . all because of stupid police.